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Hi Mutley! Welcome and thanks for posting about yourself on WikiFur. I moved the article you posted over to your User page for the following reason (from What WikiFur is):

Vanity articles, that is, articles about a person or project which are written by the article subject or someone involved with a project, are acceptable on WikiFur, unlike Wikipedia. In order for WikiFur to remain a useful resource for information, though, these articles need to be factual and concise. Articles which are written for humor value or are lacking in reliable, documentable sources are likely to be edited for accuracy, or if the information is not documentable, deleted altogether.
If you have humorous or non-factual information you would like to provide, provide a forum for commentary about yourself or your project, or wish to provide other non-encyclopedic information (within existing WikiFur policies and the boundaries of good taste), you are welcome to create a WikiFur account and post that in the User: namespace pages.

Please feel free to add to the Mutley James article, as well as any other info you think you can add to WikiFur in general. If you have any questions, just let us know! --Duncan da Husky 13:36, 28 March 2006 (UTC)