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Lymryl Dancling on FA, note of being Keershank
Keershank on FA, note of being Lymryl Dancling

"This article should not exist. I, Lymril, don't use the "dancling" name and had nothing to do with the original creation of this article." ("Page created by Keershang (AKA Lymril) on July 16, 2014").

Lymryl's full handle on Fur Affinity: Lymryl Dancling. (?)

Care to explain this bit further?. It would be appreciated. - Spirou (talk) 18:17, 16 July 2014 (EDT)

Lymril Dancling[edit]

I removed the "Dancling" name from FA, since that seems to be an issue. Most people know me only as Lymril. I remember making up "Dancling" when I needed a "last name" for some reason, but it was never "official" and I've never made much use of it. Also, I didn't create the "Lymril Dancling" article. I have no idea why it shows Keershang as having made it today. All I did was delete all text from it and put a redirect on it to my user:lymril page. I seem to remember someone telling me they'd made an article about "Lymril" here in a conversation on IRC some years ago, but I never followed up on it, and until today I never gave it much thought. Please remove that article. I have a pretty good idea of who my character is.

As for the "Lymril" article, that also has a redirect to my user:lymril page until such time as I can make a proper article showing history, etc., in proper Wiki format. The "Lymril" article was made by me today, but I should have created an account as "Lymril" and made a proper user:lymril page. This has been fixed. —The preceding unsigned comment was added by Lymril (talkcontribs) .

Article moved to new (shorter) handle. - Spirou (talk) 18:56, 16 July 2014 (EDT)