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hello my good friend! (ok, so I barely know you... just off of the board, which is almost dead) but anyways; welcome to the grand site! thanks for making the page (and surprising me when I looked at the recent edits and saw your name, and then your PICTURE of all things on the article!) anyways...

Welcome to Wikifur (and it's community), feel free to edit pages and ad new content! : ) If you have touble figureing something out, look at help. If that dosn't help, don't be afraid to ask me or GreenReaper, on our talk pages or the IRC chat!. : ) cchristian

untamed hearts[edit]

I saw you made something at Untamed hearts, note that I redirected it to [[Untamed Hearts where Ziba I had already made an artikel. Wiki is Case Sensitive. just thought you should know. ^. .^ - cchristian talk