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Jared Fox is a 22yr old Male from Norman, OK. Originally joined the fur fandom back in 2004 when he still lived up in Galesburg, IL. It wasn't until 2005 that he moved to Oklahoma to be closer to his mother and became more active in the fandom. He has attended FWA(06, 07), RCFM(06, 07), MFM(06, 07), AC(06), and Oklacon(05, 06, 07). He was staff as concessions for Oklacon 06 and concessions manager for Oklacon 07, as well as acting secretary for OAAA for 2007. He is mated to Kodi Wolfe who was president of OAAA(07). Jared likes to listen to music, play FFXI, work on cars, and hang out with his friends. He plays the bass guitar himself but is currently not in a band.