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Welcome to Wikifur. After reviewing your recent edits to TORA I am getting the distinct impression that your edits are geared toward digging up dirt on him and putting a negative spin on whatever information is available. I would like to remind you that here on Wikifur we strive toward presenting information in controversial cases such as this in as neutral and objective a fashion as possible, and I would urge you to keep that in mind in your future edits. Also keep in mind that just because it's true doesn't mean it belongs on Wikifur. One of the principles in making that determination is, "Is it in the interest of the fandom that this information be made public?". Several of us, GreenReaper and myself included, have been discussing on the article's talk page how much information about TORA's past is appropriate to include in the article and how best to present it. You are welcome to participate in that discussion and present your viewpoint, but realize that a vexatious attitude toward TORA is not likely to lead to productive discussion and if it is disruptive enough could lead to your access being blocked. --mwalimu 04:18, 26 September 2009 (UTC)