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Welcome to the DJ

HI! I am Wolfsin, new to the worl of Techno-ology! No questions asked, it's obvious what I love! (Techno) I'll have more up /laterz.\

Bless My Wikkid Dream'n[edit]

--DJ Wolfsin 05:46, 13 October 2006 (UTC)

So like, last night was kind of strange for me. I was awake but half asleep to.

Last night I had a dream that it started raining blood. And all the animals turned on their masters, dogs, cats, etc. And I was at my cousins house (like I am now) and we were all trapped inside the house cause their dogs (3) and cats (4) including the horses (3) were trying to kill us. I've never seen such demonic stares in an animal. Anyway, one of their dgos got in and we all hid in the guest room where I am staying. My uncle goes to the closet and unlocks a safe full of hunting guns and hands us each a gun. Meamwhile Bandit is clawing madly at the door trying to get in.

Then the dream shifts to the next scene where I'm standing in the hallway next to the door holding the gun in my hands shaking and nearly wetting myself in the process. Bandit is standing right in front of me, showing his teeth and drooling like he had rabies. I clentch the gun tightly in my hands and summon the courage to shoot, blowing the dogs head clear off. He fell to the ground, with blood splattering everywhere. I'm shaking still holding the gun thinking it was over when his body lurches. Bandit stood up, without a head and grew another one, without the skin and fur. He had no nose and red eyes. He was foaming blood and launched at me. So I started firing all insane like.

By the end of the dream I was holding the gun with a blank stare on my face, and covered in blood. But there was still the other animals to be dealt with. We were all stuck in the house and went to sit in the den in the kitchen. As I sat I lit a cigarette and said "Jesus is crying." And then the blood stopped falling. That's when I forced myself to wake up.

I was relieved that it was just a dream but a bit freaked out.

Out of Silence

I find it really odd that when I am depressed, suicidal, or sad I dream of awsome things. Great lands that seem like an eteranl paradise.

However when I am happy I see dreams of death. Of things being tortured in the most disgusting ways possible.

This morning I had a dream that I was Scully from the X-Files. In her body, moving around. It started with me being myselfI was at mysister's house/Aunts house cross when I opened the bathroom door the toilet had been overflowing with moving balls of fur. When I got a closer look; rats began to pour out. A whole mesh of rats. They kept coming and I was wondering how they got there. It was the MOST DISGUSTINGEST thing I ever saw. Then the dream of me being Scully shifted over. (plz, keep in mind that I do not watch X-Files, I hate that show. And no it's NOT my hate for that show that is the reason why I had this dream! ) I was in this house with these people, mother/father and their kids but something seemed out of place. It was demented in there, we all hung out in the basement and the children were being scary. I was on an investegation to find out what was going on and when I got down stairs the basement walls were lined with mucus. The kids were sitting on the couch drooling and the parents kept eyeing me disturbingly. The dream shifted again and this time I had backup to come and arrest them. Then I was myself and in another room where I saw this guy laying on a bed, he was crying when another man, the father, somehow, came in and placed his hand on his head over his gray hair and flopped it out like a blanket, that's when I got a closer view, his scoup(sp?) had been surgically removed, and there were mice crawling all over it and inside his head. It gave me slight chills as I stood there watching him scream at each time a mouse took a bite of his brain...

So what's this mean anyway? When I am sad I see beautiful things, but when I am happy and everything's A-Ok, I dream of massicour.(sp?)