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Hallo Rocky! welcome to Wikifur, if you have touble figireing something out, look at help. If that dosn't help, don't be afraid to ask me or GreenReaper, on our talk pages or the IRC chat!. : ) cchristian

hey, that (soniku) was what exposed me to the fandom in the first place! : ) anyway, maybe you could help me with the rocky and bullwinkle article if you know anything? thanks, and welcome. cchristian
Ah, that's good, we might use some of that. but the main thing is making a few edits and hanging out here, directing people here... maybe to the article you make about yourself? well. thanks for taking the time to get an account and mess with the wiki. cchristian
you'l find that people on all wikis tend to be very receptive of new users, they hope especially that new users will edit a few pages (I hope that you will edit some soon! :b ) also, look at the little userbox for the IRC chat on my userpage. you might want to click that, thats where the community hangs out alot, and they are good at answering quesions. anyway, have a good time editing the wiki... cchristian
insight? what kind of insight? - cchristian