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Chris A. Field is a freelance roleplaying game designer, who has done freelance work for a variety of small press gaming companies, including Bards and Sages, Table Top Adventures, LPJ Designs and Skortched Urf Studios. In addition to freelance work, he publishes his own creator owned material under the Otherverse Games banner.

His main gaming setting is Otherverse America, a cyberpunk/supers system set in the year 2107. The major conceit of this setting is that a devastating civil war has broken America into warring pro-life and pro-choice factions, each with their own military and unique culture. Otherverse America is compatible with the D20 Modern gaming system originated by Wizards of the Coast, and is published under the OGL (open gaming license).

In addition to his political sci-fi work, Chris Field also produces fantasy gaming material for the D20 Fantasy and Pathfinder Role Playing Games. It's a fantasy project that brought Chris Field to WikiFur. Later this year (2009), Chris Field will be releasing "The Thinking Races: Freeform Anthropomorphica", a 30,000+ word character guide to building anthropomorphic heroes and villains for fantasy and sci-fi gaming. All WikiFur users are invited to participate, and will hopefully enjoy this upcoming release.