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A Mundane's Guide to Furrism. In case you, like I was about 4 years ago, have no idea what the heck is going on.

Non-furs can understand it cause it was written by one! XD

[NOTE: I'm writing this for stuff, wiki and Non-wiki, feel free to give a little help, but leave it mine... also, I'm using it as a resource to link confused non-furs to]

What the heck is a "furry"?[edit]

it can be alot of things, let's go over them:

What's the "furry fandom"[edit]

That's all caps to you Mr. Moe! It's what the group of furry furs are, the whole bunch of em'

 Factoid!: According to and the Death Message Board 's info files, The Furry Fandom is one of the largest E-Mafias, bigger than Wikipedia and Newgrounds/Ebaumms combined!  But, as for structure as one, it's a poorly mapped one; the leadership is small groups, and small mass media sites, but the shere Number of Furries out there makes it an influential one.

notable stuff[edit]

-Sonic the hedgehog is a big thing -eggman's a prick -Mass media rings and the entire group -Not meant to e furry,but is anyway -Web Comics -"furries are cool, really... psst! they have the power to destroy your webring, so don't furrsecute!!!"

Important linkage and profiling[edit]

  • F-chan a verry yiffy site, but is quite interesting outside of the Adult section... is one of the larger focal points of the group's internet area.
  • FireBall20XL another mass media site, mostly involved with sonic the hedgehog