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Dear sweet god I hope I don't come off as egotistical or anything here. I tried to be as objective as possible, but my typing nature is that i go with the flow so XD... Nya...I should learn how to properly format what I edit.

This is your user page - you're free to put just about anything you want there. If you were to edit your actual article, however, like Blackwing Dragon, then you would need to be a little more objective, yes. ;) But otherwise, User:Blackwing Dragon is your canvas - paint whatever you want. Spaz Kitty 01:36, 27 January 2007 (UTC)
To help him out, I transferred some of his information to an actual article because that's what I think he was trying to do. Needs a lot more cleaning up. Even so, welcome, Blackie! If you need help with anything like format, just remember to check Editing and the Furry Book of Style or just ask an admin!--Kendricks Redtail 01:40, 27 January 2007 (UTC)

Awww, many thanks guys! Feel free to harass me on AIM or MSN, and let me know if I can thank you in some way ^-^.

Please keep the troll bastards from editing my entry here. The previously included "Controversy" isn't really a controversy at all, since a troll spoke it -_-. Draig is what the fandom calls a TrollFag - he is also a multiple ban evader at FA, known to stalk other art sites. The fact that at this time he didn't even take the 3 minutes to register to slander my profile here sort of proves my point as well. Keep him and like-minded people from editing my profile please. Vandalism like that belongs in Bronx ;-D. —The preceding unsigned comment was added by (talkcontribs) .

I wasn't trolling. I was stating the facts, and giving proper references. How each and every person decides to view those facts is entirely up to them. As for your actions of FA, all of the proof is in the forums and if I need to, I can get the administrators from FA to provide all of the evidence. Even your attitude here with your most recent post here is consistent with the behavioral issues that you've had in the past. When someone pointed out the facts to you, you immediately claim that the person is a troll, and they are a multiple ban evader on a site yet you cannot provide a single piece of evidence that proves that your claim is true.
As for my joining of Wikifur, I joined to add a few pages of info that isn't on the site. The entire section was labeled as controversy because your profile here seems to entirely different from what was displayed on FA and the FA forums. Next time, don't try to hide who you are with "unsigned". Anyone who has seen what you've done in the past will know that its you Blackwing.
And by the by, people don't like the sexual advances that you've been making on them on both instant messengers and the art sites that you are currently on. By the way, this page is being archived exactly as it is before you even edit this out. Have a nice day. ~Draigfaol
P.S. I have never been banned of FA or any art site in my life. —The preceding unsigned comment was added by Draigfaol (talkcontribs) .

The above is wonderful example of a troll behaviour. I love how those "facts" infact prove one thing, that I didn't deserve the FA ban or how your little lolbuddies provoked me and a LOT of other users. There's just no stopping you fools, is there. Archive what you want, reputation is reputation, bad or good, if it gets people to talk about me then hey, you're the ones doing me a favor. I just wish you silly misguided schoolchildren could learn not to so bitterly talk about those you are jealous of.

The unsigned thing was me not having logged in. I noted that in my edit as well, as "forgot to log in", right after the initial edits. It's also just controversy because people like you frequent a lying site that makes fun of everything and some people are stupid and take it literally, or as fact, when it's not. Such as the whole "And I fuck animals" gag, which is getting old. Live with the fact that people have both good and both bad sides to them. I give change to hobos if I come across one and have some change, I usually bring stray dogs out from the street (I do that in most of my free time actually, roaming the city), and I'm sharing music with my radio station.

Does THAT get ever written or proclaimed? Gods no, you people focus on drama and the stupid aspect of how funny a person's faults are. Any sane person can tell that anyone running such a site is an even bigger loser however. Now on the other hand, I do have bad sides too, I'm quick to anger, single-minded a lot of times, and I'd go homicidal on children if the law let me. You have trolling as a sick obsession, and I have that as a sick fantasy. We're no better or worse, we just do diffirent "things".

Only thing I don't like is how a certain site "Quotes facts" (I fuck animals = fake), and decided to link to non-working places, claiming I removed those "masterpieces". However, it fails to mention the 7 people sitting in jail for identity theft. Obsessed with "Lulz", they went as far as gaining personal information through illegal means about me and using it to file false testimonies to crimes I could never have committed. With a solid alibi and police ip tracing, those people are in jail now, serving a few years for forgery and identity theft.

I could argue about what's healthy, being overly pissy or being that sickly obsessed with someone, but the fact is, that site and the owners are a joke in itself, and anyone that takes that site seriously is also a bigger laughingstock than anyone featured there. To prove this perfectly well, I get a lot of people lately who say they read the ominous article - I can talk to them just fine for weeks and months, their opinions of me don't degenerate. I've even gotten certain offers from some of those people for simply talking to them and listening as a friend should.

The problem is, the claims you make and what you try to portray me as are ridicilously false. To disprove that are the hundreds of people i keep connections with all over the world, talking to them day after day, keeping up with the chronicles of their lives. It's a genuine effort to be a nice guy, it's not just an impulse or anything. The fact those people greet me and enjoy my being online one way or another is the sole biggest proof against that joke article.

For the record, I'm not saying ALL of my outbursts are a lie, but most are. What I AM saying however, is that spending time to deliberately make others look bad is, in itself, something ungodly stupid. I could host a mamke fun of trolls website where I reveal your methods and your fellows' sick obsession with drama, but all that would get me is another menial task during the daytime.

I mean, I'm living my life, reacting to things, concentrating on what's supposed to be important, I'm not going out of my way to be something I'm not. On the other hand, a lot of you people go through the trouble of making false personalities, false LIVES to befriend victims with and earn more info or funny stories out of them. A wonderful case to note on that accusation would be Eldoran, or whatever he decides to call himself. One could argue which of the 2 sides are more dirty in this.

Addendum : Back a few months ago, on the forums, there were many, many reports of you ban avoiding, your IP address matched several banned accounts within a short time. While we're at the topic of FA, I'd like to point out that lately, a multiple user harasser became a trial admin, perfectly showing that the admin team has a wonderful lack of morals and doesn't, infact, wish to uphold any sort of peace, just "friend out" eachother like that. This was already proven when the 20-30 some troll attack on my journal wasn not only not stopped, but condoned. Even the topic in which I reported the trolls in got massively trolled, but nobody ever received any punishment for that. FA is becoming another DA, or SA. The one run by kids. It simply doesn't concern me anymore - I chose not to re-register or bypass their bans because they would then *actually* have a valid reason for banning me. ("Ban evasion").