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Arctic Breeze is a furry artist that is prodominately on facebook. His fursona is an Arctic Fusky (fox/husky). Arctic grew up in Corunna, Michigan then had to move down to Streetsboro , Ohio mid-way through high school. He can also be found on,, and

Personal Bio[edit]

Well i found out about furries totaly by chance. I was looking up pics for a power point and I think u typed in something like cute animals and I saw a few furry drawings and then I started looking for more and learned a little at a time but I learned a bunch about what being a furry is all about from a friend on myspace. Kk well I am a 18 yr old bi guy. I have been furry for about a month now. In my spare time I draw write bike hike and also enjoy being outdoors camping wrestling and day dreaming. Soon I will be adding glowsticking to that list. Well I am easy to get along with and can be very shy when I first meat some one but I warm up very quickly. I have been told that I am way too hyper and that I am too happy at times. I am the type of guy who u see at the mall with the free hugz sign. I can also be very spontaneous in unappropriate situations. I am also the type of friend who is always there for you when u need me and I try to help u out if I can. I work at a nursing home too.

About Arctic Breeze: the fursona[edit]

Well the Names Arctic breeze i'm an arctic fox and i enjoy many things. My story starts out in the cold tundra of yukon. When i was very young my parents and brother were trapped for their pelts, the trapper spared my life and took me home with him to michigan. Befor he left though he passed through a small inuit village. there i met a very old medicine women. she gave me a pendent and some words of advice that i keep to this day "Be true to your self and remember you always have a home on the tundra".In michigan i grew up not knowing what or who i really was. We moved around alot and i got to know lots of very nice people. then one day i started to talk to some people with simmilar stories to mine. It took time but after some clever thinking i realized who i really was. I now live in Ohio where temps are a little high for me but i make the most of the cold months of winter. thats my story perrty much up to this point. well some things i like to do are draw, hike, run, dig , and snowboard.