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My name is Altez Vultfox i am a fox/husky mix known as a foxsky with dragon abilities (such as scales under my fur, amung other things) Age 16 (rl) 3562 (fursona) Hight 6f3 (rl) 5 foot (fursona) Job (fursona) altez vultfox is a solder by trade and a fighter by blood (rl) guitarist writer and gamer (fursona only)look in detail Altez is a blue foxsky with blue sliver eyes demonic wings scared form battle his fur is still silk smooth he stands 5 foot and weighs 180 pounds Altez in real life i aint much to look at im a gamer guitarist a writer and overall numb skull whos always looking for more furs in his home town of Clinton Township, MI

live by the code B.O.W shock and aww the haters the ladies any more info you need hit me up i dont bite unless im hungry