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Yamavu is an artist in Austria also known by the name Stalker or StalkerAT. The main media are colored pencils, alcohol markers, watercolors, Photoshop and oC, but there are also sparse vector works as well as plushies, also finished a fursuit in late 2008. He is able to communicate in German, Austro-Bavarian and English and is able to understand French and Japanese.

Yamavu's Name[edit]

  • Since Stalkers have been involved in quite many unfriendly conotations, StalkerAT seemed not like a very good public name. It was changed mid June 2007.



Basically a long eared brown-yellow canid with a long fluffy tail. He is a shapeshifter though very limited, can change size (between a Chihuahua and a large wolf), gender (male, female, neutral) and between bi- and quadruped. He can also grow brown-yellow wings.

  • Yamavu
a rather normal anthromorph, sometimes wielding a sword. No digitgrade legs.
  • Yamy
a small non-anthromorphic version. Often used as a mascot.
  • Inbetweener styles
As time progresses some versions appeared, that don't belong to either of the above character templates.

The species of this character hasn't been actively developed, but has naturalized as 'Bunnywolf. After some discussion about his outward similarity to Pif in summer 2009, Yamavu shall be regular dog.

Other Characters[edit]

These characters were regularly drawn or played in non-computer RPGs.

  • Lysander Siam
  • Rebecca
  • Khalista Lynx
  • Treelifter
  • Tok from the West [1]
  • Alesja [2]
  • Eddie McBadger

Main Interests on Wikifur[edit]


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