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Hi, I am an anthropomorphic leopard that is trying to help make the stuff I like to happen. Don't just lurk, go make something.

My name starts like xylophone and ends like silly. XyLII is a corruption of XLII or 42. Yes, I am guarding the filing cabinet. See "The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy" by Douglas Adams.

I prefer the feline, mythical and aquatic species but I like almost anything furry. While XyLII is my main fursona, I could not stop at just one. If you have seen merfolk in the pool at FWA or RCFM it was me and some friends.

I did precipitate a little in the YouTube Furry War. Take my advice and just sit there and look at them as they try to bother you. It will make them frustrated and they will give up in time.

I make my own fursuits. I have made a cat by the name of Onyx, a faun named Tully, and a merman by the name of Dylan Addison. I am working on XyLII the leopard. I also made a suit from a large inflatable toy, he is Airrex the inflatable T-rex.

I was the buttered toast cat at Dragon Con 2009. Tully appeared as Pan with a Greek group at Dragon Con 2010.

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Furry Weekend Atlanta.
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Rocket City Furmeet.
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I have attended

2006 FWA, RCFM


2008 FWA, RCFM

2009 FWA, RCFM

2010 FWA, RCFM

2011 FWA, RCFM

Planning to attend

2012 FWA, RCFM