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Booboobunnygirl was conceived and written on July 29th 1985 by a joint effort between Adam West and Will Smith. She is a huge FURRY. She is also a VIKING and an ASTRONAUT. Her aliases include Rachel the Bunny, Grits, and RACHELSAURUS.

Life and Times[edit]

In her youth she was prone to drawing those FUNNY ANIMALS like human-rabbits and human-cat-foxes. However as she grew in age, her interests changed to drawing human-owls, bizarre hybrids, whales, serious business, anime vampires, and FAT. All of them have knives and BRAWNDO.

When she turned the ripe age of 30, Booboobunny heroically saved 8 children and a fat woman from a 13 story building in that was on fire in the greater NYC area. It was during this event that she had a life-changing epiphany, where she boarded a hot air balloon and traveled around the world in 18 days delivering exciting and fat presents to good and evil children worldwide.

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Booboobunny girl now lives in retirement with her CAT on a vast utopian island-base in the Pacific.