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Xial is some crazy guy who lives in the United States, blogs somewhere on the internet, plays Second Life, and is in general too busy to do much other than laugh at teh_dramas.

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If we're dealing with the furry side, Xial can't make up his mind. In most cases, he's a hermaphrodite vixen who does not follow the Doug Winger rule of oversized penises. In a few cases, he's tinkering around with a few other species currently unnamed here for time purposes.


Xial is a relatively patient fellow who also helps out from time to time with tech support issues for a furry friendly web hosting service. Xial's name unintentionally came from an interesting play on words, and hints at his love of the moon. Unlike the norm, he doesn't really try to make appearances at furry gatherings unless he's bored enough to do that.

... the hell?[edit]

Xial likes humans.


Xial can be found all over the internet. When blogging, his weekly life is found at Eau Salée Lunaire, and his Second Life based blog at Second Saltwater Life. When gaming, his name varies only slightly between games. For GunZ Online Int'l Beta, he shows up as Araiya or Tarienne. For Second Life, he is none other than Araiya Bomazi. For Anarchy Online, he plays on Rimor as Araiya. For Kingdom of Loathing, he's ManOLub. On Everything2, he's Xial. On several IRC networks, he's just plain old Xial.


Xial often finds himself on IRC, making fun of some of the things furries and humans enjoy. Classic examples include calling the Internet Police because (oh noes!!!1) someone stole (my megahurtz!) my crappily drawn furry pr0ns (lol torrent plz), rolling fetishes together as a commission idea for shock value (high score: furry goatse scat speculum toilet anal-unbirthing snuff watersports vomit enema inflation mutilation porn), and generic cattleprodding of Microsoft's Internet Explorer for its inability to keep up with his CSS skills.

Oh God.[edit]

Right-o, chaps, talk away. Note yourselves with a signature, svp. --Xial 07:00, 20 Aug 2005 (UTC)

You might want move some of this info to an article about you, like Xial, for the "public side" (if there is such a thing). That could then have [[Category:Person]] so people could find you. Or you might not want that. Up to you! I split it like this: Creatures:GreenReaper and Creatures:User:GreenReaper (using Creatures links because I've not had time to do a good user page here yet ;-). --GreenReaper(talk) 07:06, 20 Aug 2005 (UTC)
Nah, not yet. I'll consider it in the future, but that one will be much better thought out, and less silly-satirical, so as to not rub some the wrong way. :P --XialLunashine 07:15, 20 Aug 2005 (UTC)
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