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Shane(Previously ChronosWolf,NovemberWolf and Wolfmist) is a 35 year old furry. Having been in the fandom since 1996. He met his one mate Dracon in 1996 on a talker on telenet, then met his other mate Blindsight online through forums at OntarioFurries.

Shane was the creator of the first "Herp MUCK" in the late 90's, called "ScaleMUCK". Which is still going today.

Shane left the fandom in 1999, after Anthrocon and a bad experience with a person named "Werwolf". He came back to the local fandom in 2008, after attending Islington Meet, that was held on his Birthday on Nov 8.

He started to get into the local fandom through IRC and Ontariofurries forums. Where he met Blindsight a few months later.

Shane is a proud member of Furnal Equinox's committee. He servers as the Video games and Media Entertainment sections, with assisting in other roles.

Shane is also the co-owner and one of the many administrators of "", the newest and drama free forums and soon webpage, the forums were created after the Owner and unstable powermad administrator of Ontariofurries forum,, exploded one too many times on him and many other people.

The forums have been up since last year and are slowly picking up speed and members.

He currently has worn a fursuit by a recently deceased friend and roommate "Morgan". Buckminster was work at FCN 2010 in memorium of Morgan. He appeared in a Ghille suit, with a military cap and dogtags, holding a Weijer bought plastic gun.

He was unable to play to the camera's since the head was not made for him and he had to tilt his head to see out the eye in the side, he also had no glasses on and had to concentrate on the fursuiter in front of him. is also the home page and supporter of the addictive and popular IRC channel #Canadianfurs, owned and run by MuneKIT.