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Wolfganghm: My first fursona, the one I entered the fandom with. He is an anthro-wolf.

Dog of Heaven: My second fursona. He is also an anthro-wolf.

Draclwolf: My third fursona, a vampire anthro-wolf.

I am a furry writer who is currently working on a furry novel: "Living Fountain" - first seven parts

Some character art from my story:

Duke Bodvar:

Duke Bodvar and Maria:


Maria (after being bitten):

Duke Bodvar and Maria Dancing: (Characters are copywrited by me, don't use them without permission, you can draw then if you would like with my permission)

Living Fountain summary:

Duke Bodvar, a vampire lord, accepts a guest named Maria. He plans to feed on her, but finds out she was sent to him for a particular reason. Maria has a rare blood disease, which only a vampire can control it's effects. He must hide this secret form Count Arconium, who wishes to exploit this disease for his own benefit. Duke Bodvar is also inviting many of the vampire lords and mortal noblemen to his annual "Bodvar Ball", which some vampire hunters will come in, uninvited.

For more information about myself, go here:

My fursonas done by several different artists:

My fursona done by Rathanael:

Fursonas Fighting:

Harry Cornell Belmont Wins:

Draclwolf Wins:

How I became a fur:

When I entered middle school, I became facinated with wolves. Everyone knows the story of The Three Little Pigs and Little Red Ridding Hood, and I always wondered why the wolf was considered the "bad guy". I did a resaerch paper of "Wolves in Literature" for an assignment in Foundations to Writing and Literature. This pushed me to learn more aobut wolves. I slowly started to understand how awsome these creatures are. I eventually discovered the fandom while researching about werewolves. I saw some pictures of people dressed as animals running around, and I thought": "Hey, that looks fun." So, I did some more research and came across the furry fandom. It then hit me. I realized I was a furry after I finished the research paper. At first, I did not have any art skills or special talents, so I wondered: "why belong to a fandom if you have nothing to do in it?" After a week, my sister made me read the book "Twilight". I hated it, but it gave me an idea. "Hey, I'll write a story!" The novel "Living Fountain" was born, and is now a work in progress. If you are interested in reading it, the link is here: (not the complete, just peice by peice. I became more involved in the fandom,and I can officially say, I am a furry.

Several issues hindered me from making this choice. First off, I have heard many bad conotations to the fandom, especially reguarding "yiff" and sexual inuendos. I am a Christian, and I still am in the faith. I came to the conclusion that not all furries enjoy that stuff. I still wish the furry fandom would have a more "cleaner" reputation.

I am also starting a Furry Prayer Chain. If anyone is interested, please contact me on my furaffintiy account. Thank you.