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Like. Um. Look at my person page or something.


At this time I only edit articles that pertain to myself personally or organizations that I am involved in. My reasons for this are:

  • NPOV not required - I feel that WikiFur has a disregard for NPOV, and I am displeased that the admins refuse to take an active role resolving disputes in this area.
  • No Fact Checking - WikiFur's stance seems to be that they would rather have unsupported information (including accusations and opinion) regardless of accuracy rather than no information on a subject, even when that information is highly disputed.
  • Self Proclaimed Furry Police - WikiFur also has a stance on deciding when a person should be included in WikiFur against their will if they decide that the fandom should be "warned" about the person in question. Sibe and Mozdoc are examples.
  • Admin Bias - I was encouraged to edit on WikiFur because they desire to have people who have close knowledge of facts to help improve articles. However, I found if an admin had an opinion on a subject even with out having any experience to back it up, they would disallow the changes.

Note: I have discussed these subjects at some length with GreenReaper both in various talk pages and on IRC, and been unsatisfied with his responses to them. These are opinions. YMMV.

If you disagree with me, feel free to yack at me on my talk page, but I don't guarantee I'll check it often.


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