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Washu, (born May 1986, Luton, England) is a 5'9" white anthropomorphic tiger. Born originally in Luton, he moved promptly to Wellingborough until 1998 when he returned to Luton. Washu made his first steps into the furry community in 2000 after being introduced to the internet radio show 2 Sense by his life friend Ikkarub.

Real Life[edit]

Washu currently works for a company called Serverhouse as a Technical Server Assistant. He is currently investigating the idea of entering into Nursing School in order to become a full time Nurse.

The Name[edit]

"Washu" comes from the animé character, Washu, the female scientist from the Tenchi Muyo series.


Outside of the community, Washu enjoys reading science-fiction literature, constantly battling with his home computer Eefi, named after the Pokemon.

Washu does enjoy travelling around the UK and the USA, wanting to venture eventually to Russia and Japan. Recently Washu has begun to show an interest in the London Underground and its many unused and closed stations. He is currently investigating the idea of visiting them.

External links[edit]

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