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Vikali is a lioness furry who lives in the United Kingdom, whose first furry character was created in 2005, before discovering the fandom itself in late 2007, when she joined The Lion King MUCK.

A deeply spiritual person, she is at present studying an Animal Care course at college whilst juggling gaming, roleplaying, and research about in her spare time.


Furcode (decode): FFL3amr A- C- D H++ M+++ P++ R++ T+++ W Z- Sf+ RLVM* a- cn++ d- e- f++ h* iwf++ j+ p* sf--

Mucks and Muds[edit]

Vikali is present on two MUCKs at the moment, due to being somewhat restricted on time and the ability to hold great detail of multiple universes in her head at any one time, though she is also present upon a single mud:

  • Achaea - my first furry-esque character, a short anthropomorphic tiger with a strong Scottish accent
  • Tapestries - never in public places, but quite active here, with over twenty-five original characters at my disposal
  • The Lion King MUCK - as Vikali, my main furry character, along with a hyena, a pantheress, and a few others tucked away


  • Her website, Vikali's Kopje, has been entirely created with raw code in Notepad.
  • She has a great love of Chinese food.
  • She has a passion for mythology, notably Norse and Egyptian.
  • She has been to see The Lion King Musical in London four times!
  • She is somewhat of a Star Wars and Lord of the Rings nerd.
  • Whilst being a fan of such cub-friendly games such as Kingdom Hearts and Crash Bandicoot, she is also quite content with playing titles such as Hitman, God of War, and Grand Theft Auto.

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