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Vic's Character
Vic the Creative (born May 17, 1993)[1] is a genderfluid fulltime freelance artist and Twitch streamer who lives in Vacaville, California, USA.[1] They were born and raised in Canfield, Ohio, USA and moved to California in March of 2020.

Their fursona is a Drat, or Dragon Cat. Their fur color is predominantly gray and white with rosette spots on her left should and right hip as well as dark gray stripes wrapping around their torso. Their eyes and skin color are a bright periwinkle color. Two small bat-like wings protrude from their shoulder blades, and small teal horns top their head and line their long tail.

Their ethereal form causes them to sprout additional horns on the sides of their head, their wings to enlarge and shards of amethyst to form around their being. Their pupils glow teal and their body emits a radiance of energy and light.

Joining the Fandom[edit]

Vic has been drawing anthropomorphic animals since they were a child, but only discovered the furry fandom around 2010 [2] when her friend San-Ryuuk watched her drawing "Wolf People". He later introduced her to the website Fur Affinity where first conducted business as a Furry Artist.

Vic attended their first convention, Midwest FurFest, in 2011 for a very short time, but instantly fell in love. Since then, they have attended may conventions, including Anthrocon, Anthrohio, Motor City Fur Con, Texas Furry Fiesta, Biggest Little Fur Con, IndyFurCon, Golden State Fur Con and more!

Other OCs and Fursuits[edit]

Veneer Reference Sheet
Veneer Maro is a gray, white and periwinkle Snow Leopard. She was Vic's first OC they used to identify themselves in the furry fandom.

Duskyn Derg is a purple, orange and white |Eastern Dragon fursuit.[3] His personality is childish, wholesome and silly. He embodies Vic's "little" or inner-child. Duskyn was made by Lemonbrat, and was purchased as a premade at TFF 2020.

Rixxi at LAFF Bowling
Rixxi is a red and white husky fursuit partial.[4] Her personality is hyper, happy and fun-loving. She acts as an extension of Veneer's child-like side. Rixxi was made by ItalloNova, and debuted at Anthrocon 2012.

Rixxi has since been retired due to wear and tear.

Twitch Career[edit]


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