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Comments by other users[edit]

Verix is pretty cool and a goon and he usually goes to cons and things.

Verix used to be involved in a furry IRC fileswapping channel and idle in #safurs constantly but he doesn't do those things as much now. Verix is also a total sweetie pie.

-- Sidd

Verix also has a growing interest in political matters. His personal blog posts continually feign a brash witt and potentially crass attitude, however, seeing through the beef shows an increasing interest in political activism. He at one point even cornered Los Angeles Mayoral Candidate Antonio Villaragosa at one point during a public school visit while campaigning. Antonio was to have said that it was a very poignant question and proceeded answered in the usual political refrain. The L.A. Times was supposed to have published the question in an upcoming issue but, as is usual with mainstream media, it was edited out in the final cut.

-- Crassus

Verix is my fucking buddy and I love him. He's my brother, alright?!? >:| It's true. He's the best. So much the best, in fact, I am going to create my WikiFur page just like his.


verix has unusually large cheeks, and one day I would like to pinch them just to see how big they really are. also he is a cool guy and is a big dummy for writing all of these words about himself.


what the Christ? YOU'RE A FURRY?? WHICH SIDE ARE YOU ON???????????

--necco, concerned goon

Verix was the first furry I met on the SA Forums. He's awesome.




Verix faught the law and he won.


verix is the internet

--not a goon

Verix is an awesome dude and I give him much platonic <3. Though the collar sometimes weirds me out but his coolness factor overwhelms that.


verix is a cool cat^H^H^Hdragon.


Verix spelt backwards is xirev!