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Vago Kathyr Drachenwulf (born 1980) is a furry currently living in Augusta, GA, USA. She is a chimeric creature. Half-dragon, half-wolf. Loyal to a fault to those who earn her trust and respect she will defend ferociously those she calls friend or family. Woe to those she calls enemy. She has been a past attendee of Mephit Fur Meet and a one-time frequent attendee of the informal furry gatherings in Round Rock, TX known as "wing night". A fan of Sub-Level 03 and a musician, writer and artist in her own right, she has thus far gone unnoticed in the artistic community and may be considered by some a 'fringe member' of the fandom. She hopes to spring forth from out of the 'fur closet' soon and live proudly no longer denying who and what she is.

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