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TWOPOTZ on WikiFur![edit]

So that nothing is unclear, I figured I'd drop a few lines in here and say hi! Just in case soemone relaly is looking for me!
Real name: Anna-Karin Larsson
Aliases: Twospotz (Grey lynx - both as anthro, wild form and Chakat!), Ahdeya - Black adult female Jellicle, CATS style. Burgundy - dark reddish Bombalurian style adult Jellicle female, CATS style
Relation status: I am happily swept off my paws by a handsome fox. Other than that have a tabby I like as well, but he is just for fun.
Work: At a University cafeteria and freelance Creative artist with nothing specially designated areas of work. I do art and craft.
Special intertests: CATS, Transformers, various furdom stuff, art, crafty stuff. Travelling. Guineapigs/Cavies. Horses. Breyer modelhorses. Landrovers. Insane sportscars. Top Gear. And much more.

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Part of the CATS crew pouncing about. I mainly have been seen in a jet black CATS styled suit - but also in a very red one as well. Did not attend 2010 but was there a few times before that while at DoubleTree.

Homepage:[1] for more information and a looksee at my art and created stuff.

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