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Hello. My name is Tuyuq Vampram, and I'm a ram-anthro. I'm still relatively new to the world of anthro, or the "furry fandom" as it's called. It's an interesting paradox: I found this site while searching for some way to get around the air-tight filters in local Internet service. So by being cut off from the fandom, I'm now learning more about it than ever before.

I'm really something of an author, proficient at writing, but with no drawing ability to speak of. My works include "Darkfox: Full Moon," "The Order of the Draconis Serpentine," "Discipline," a number of poems, countless quotes, and about 5 (available) philosophies. As a writer, I'm hungry for inspiration, starving to learn, and eager to voice my opinions.

I can only warn you, I'm something of an informal fan, so please excuse my naivete. If I should bumble in anything I say, you've but to gently point out my error and I will go to whatever lengths required for correction.

With all due respect -- Tuyuq