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Character info under construction. Tons of stories done.

-Story Format: Dialogue Screenplay Action (G to AO rating)

-3D Game Engines: LithTech Jupiter, Unreal, Blaxxun, Reality Factory, BUILD, Marathon AlephOne

-Character: Turin Aramaia (tur in, uh ruh my uh)

-Homeworld: Elysia (el ees ya)

-Type: Demigod

-Morph: Murine bipedal quintdigital

-Coloration: Full white, left eye surrounded by blue-grey fur in the shape of a five-point star, rotated 16 degrees clockwise

-Orientation: Neutral good

Furcode (decode): FRMm2arw A- C++ D+ H+ M P++ R++ T- W Z Sm+ RLRB a+ cadmnw++ d+ e+ f- h+ iw++ j p sm--