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Name: Tsanawo

Tsanawo is a raccoon born in the year 1986, who is one of the people responsible for the website He also helped to organize the new years party "The Furry Countdown" which was held in Geel, Belgium and is furthermore responsible for the party Furs on Fire which will be held again in the near future. And actually is the same as The Furry CountDown. Whenever he is bored he also contributes to WikiFur, but mostly he's too lazy to be arsed.

  • Quotes:
    • "Amazingly enough, Tsanawo is Dutch. Yes, I know, you would never have been able to tell just by hearing him, as his accent is so bland, everyone assumes he's from Swindon!" ~ ConFuzzled 2012 Conbook
    • "When Tsanawo was a child, his first words were "shaken, not stirred" and he would only refer to his mother as "Miss Moneypenny". Medication ensued." ~ ConFuzzled 2013 Conbook
    • "It's been a hard year to be a raccoon. The Netherlands is one of the cleanest countries in Europe, so he had to visit Belgium to rummage through trash." ~ ConFuzzled 2014 Conbook