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My three best furry friends are on Wikifur one way or another as well:

Quick link dump depository[edit]

I think this link should feature more prominently somewhere, probably on the main site akin to Recent changes, so more people will come across what's requested. I think of a link with an introduction sort of like, "See what articles are currently requested:" on the main page. Anybody coming across it here while looking me up is kindly invited to browse the list regularly to find anything they'd like to contribute on.
Another urgent request highlighting for contributions and collaborations pertaining to my personal fields of interest in turning all those red links into blue ones.
Another urgent request for contributions and collaborations.

Articles I've started[edit]

I'm especially proud of the comparison table I created for his traces. I've spent around 7 hours on the INDUCKS, clicking through almost 4,000 daily strips drawn by Al Taliaferro between 1936 up to 1947, to identify that original pic Mouseboy traced off that time. :P The Rosa traces were easier for me to identify as I know all his stories by heart. Special thanks to GreenReaper for telling me about imagemaps to properly pull it off and link the thumbnail to the sub-article containing the table.