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Telford Fox in fursuit.

Telford (previously known as Techie) born September 29th, 1981 is a furry who lives in Sydney, New South Wales. He previously resided in Adelaide, South Australia. His fursona is a red fox. His life partner is Yuumei Doragon who he met at FurJAM in 2005.

Telford discovered the fandom in early 2005 and met his first South Australian furry Shy Cry Wolf on Furtopia shortly after. This led on to Telford being introduced to other Australian furs. At the end of 2007 he and Yuumei Doragon moved from Adelaide to Sydney to live at The Colosseum with Barbary Lion and Harley Coyote. As of 2010 they now live on their own in Sydney’s Inner West.


Telford's first suit was a Darkstone Realms fox costume that he purchased secondhand from another fur in 2007. Aside from a couple of Mardi Gras parades it saw limited use due to issues with the eyesight and airflow within the head and was sold during 2009. In early 2011 he commissioned Stormfire Studios Canada to construct a custom full fursuit which he took delivery of in November 2011 at MFF.

Telford can usually be found attired in a cowboy hat and vest or in a Phoenix Coyotes jersey and hockey gear.

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