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Taleeno, AKA Taleeno Lionheart is the Fursona of Stuart Powlesland. Born 27th march 1986, residing in the U.K- in a city called Exeter. Taleeno is a Feline feral, who distinctively looks like Nala from the Lion King but with a few differences. Though Taleeno isn't really original, he does seem a more exotic creation- His species is actually mixed with that of a Wolf/Canine, and certain differences have been known to be told about his appearance, perks and other features.

Taleeno is a near Cobalt blue, with a lighter blue belly. Light blue muzzle parts, paw digits and eye patches. He has a brown tail tuft and a single tuft of hair the flows down between his eyes or whichever direction the wind blows.

Taleeno's disposition has been widely known to be Friendly, Playful and very naughty at times, more often being close and affectionate to those he holds close.

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