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WikiFur Furry Drama (28 November at 18:41 Malaysia Time)

I deeply sorry for everyone whom I had hurted and upseted about my mistakes that I had caused on WikiFur, I won't repeat my mistakes anymore.

Convention Attendance

Bronymeet Attendance

Local Bronymeets

Event Date/s Place
Malaysian Brony Meetup 2018 December 29, 2018 Paradigm Mall
My fursona
Photograph of a cute deer taken by my mother at Kuala Lumpur Deer Park
My favourite Furry Meme of all time! - "Furry Scares Dog Meme"

My Message

Hi, my name is Tabyhunterwolf. I am currently an active furry member since (2017-Present). I live in Malaysia. I can speak and understand English, Malay & Chinese languages. However, my main language is Chinese Language. My first con is Furs Upon Malaysia (FURUM 2017) in Malaysia. I am currenly a former wiki editor at Super Animal Royale Gamepedia. Tabyhunterwolf is my Official Gamepedia Profile. I love Anime. On 2019-11-28, I finally hit 100 subs on my Youtube channel. My favourite PC Games are Super Animal Royale, Garry's Mod, PAYDAY 2 & CSGO. My favourite Mobile Games are Brawl Stars, Plants Vs Zombies 2, Boom Beach & Call of Duty Mobile. I would love to spend my free time contributing to Wiki Fur. Back in 09:03, 4 November 2019, I was contributing my first article on WikiFur and it was Majira Strawberry.

My Goal on Wiki Fur


-Contribute to pages such as cons & furries info that I know well
-Create pages for missing furries' info
-Create pages for unpublished articles


-Don't expose furry's private personal information without permission
-Don't put false information on pages

Furries Interviewed

-Zaroski Wolf
-Rivalo Wolf
-Pawsry The Wolf

My Created Pages

Ben-Ben (insufficent contents)
Rivalo Wolf
Zaroski Wolf

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Contributing Pages

Majira Strawberry (Collaborations, Convention Attendance & Education Career)
Baby Blu
Kero The Wolf (USA)
Furs Upon Malaysia
Tik Tok
Post-con depression
Babyfur - (Add Info)(Furries suffered From Kidney / Bladder Cancer or having Kidney / Bladder Malfunction will become a victim of being called "Diaperfur" because of wearing diaper inside or outside their fursuit)
Fursuit Wiki Fur
Singapore Furs
My Little Pony
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Japan Meeting of Furries
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Kazuki Tirashira
Tesla Byrghir
Benjamin Fletcher (also known as Benji)

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