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Vital Statistics[edit]

Classification: Reptilian Humanoid

Phenotype: Possible Dromaeosaurid

Height: 6'2" (188cm)

Weight: 150-160 lbs.

Age: Unspecified

Location: Greater Cleveland Area, Ohio, USA, North America, Western Hemisphere, Sol III(Earth)


Although I have encountered the furry fandom (and this site) several times during the past two years, I've been unable to build up enough courage to join this site and lend a hand with editing. The road that led me here was rocky and studded with viral thought patterns, but my sanity is still intact.

My character developed approximately two years ago as Jason Argo, a starship captain who did moderator work over at a StarFox fansite known as Arwing Landing.

One of the most important things about me is my distaste for those who would fall under the classification of "misanthropist." Incidentally, this place needs an article on misanthropy.

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