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Hello! Dragonick here! I'm going to take a moment to enthusiastically tell you about myself, so here we go!

My primary fursona, Dragonick.
A dragon phi logo, similar to the PhiPaw symbol. Dragonick wears a logo like this on his back.


I enjoy video games, speaking French and drawing. I like listening to music as well, but usually video game music.


There are about 7 fursonas (or fursonæ, or whatever) that I identify with. They include:

  • Two dragons - Dragonick & Banfish
  • A fox - Farry "Floof" Fishhunter
  • A dinosaur- "Jago"
  • A wolf - "Rocky" Wolff
  • And a coyote ("Dyzzy Daemon")

I really like being a furry, but I have not yet been to any conventions or properly spoken with other furries. I may get a fursuit, and I am quite excited about that.

I frequent the Sonic the Hedgehog pages and pages relating to fursuits. I also keep my eye on the Recent Changes log. I am a bit on/off when it comes to furry stuff though, so I'm not always active on the wiki.