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FurAffinityFenderBadge.jpg This user has an account at Fur Affinity. Their username is Sneakpaw.

Guildwars-Userbox.jpg This user has a Guild Wars characternamed Chakat Sneakpaw.


I'm a small Chakat (~1.5m), but with a relatively long tail (~1.6m). The markings on my fur depend on the season. In Summer I'm pitch-black and any observer could mistake me for a regular Chakat. But my winter coat reveals, that I'm half Skunktaur. The black paw on my right breast, the white stripes on my back and on my belly are unmistakable signs of my ancestry, which also gave me a typical Skunktaur talent: Astral projection.


My head resembles that of a Lynx in shape and fur (especially the ruff), but the fur is almost completely black during the whole year. I also got the usual Lynx ear-tufts, but in contrast to theirs mine are of pure white. Long white whiskers, green eyes and a brown nose complete my face.

Regardless of any seasons, I almost always wear a leather bracelet on my left wrist (actually a pet collar without tag).

Chakat Sneakpaw. Image by Lizkay

Winter coat and attire[edit]

When I'm in my quite fluffy and warm winter coat I look a lot like a Skunktaur. The white stripe on my back starts at my neck and runs down my upper back, over my lower back, to the tail and ends at the tip of the tail. The white stripe on my belly starts at a white tuft of fur just below my throat, covers both my bellies and ends at my backside. The now white background on my breast reveal a black paw marking on the right side, which indicates my Skunktaur-Kin.

During the cold season I usually wear a long, black trenchcoat which only covers the anthro torso while standing normally. The coat has a split in the back for my taur-torso, and the coat falls to both sides. When sitting on my hind quarters the flaps of the coat can fold back together and partly cover my taur-back. A black fedora (with holes for my ears) completes my winter-ensemble.

Summer coat and attire[edit]

In my summer coat I resemble a panther in my pitch black short fur. The white stripes from my winter turn almost completely black. When taking a close look one can still see the stripes having a slightly "warmer" shade of black (more like a very dark brown) than the rest of the fur.

My usual clothing consists of only an armless, black, rough leather jacket in summer.


I really enjoy working with the computer, so it's not really surprising that many of my hobbies revolve around Computer and the Internet.

Computer-related Activities[edit]

Most of the time when I'm near a computer, I'm connected to my IM-Accounts (ICQ, MSN, IRC,...) chatting and idling while doing something else. This "something" may be:

  • Programming
  • Playing games

These change regularily, but I use Raptr and Steam regularily, so stats on there should be current.

Off-Line Activities[edit]

When not online I enjoy: