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In Real Life[edit]

Silver Azhuretail (known as Silver to some, Patricia to others) is a furry born and raised since January 1986 right in Kansas. She's a mere five foot tall, which she jokingly says makes her "travel-sized". A hint on the chubby side, to her mate's happiness, she is perfectly suited to lounging, puzzle-working, and movie/tv watching, or just bumming around with her friends--which happen to be many of her favorite things to do. Besides that, she enjoys walks in the countryside with her mate, posting her amateur photography on FurAffinity, and tweaking with recipes in the kitchen--typically to her mate's happiness.

She works on the Kansas State University campus as a full-time custodian in the evenings, reserving the mornings/afternoons for classes. She plans to major in psychology--hopefully with an emphasis in abnormal psychology.

As for Silver's marital status--don't bother asking. She's happily mated to her human husband, Alex, who admits he doesn't quite understand "that whole furry thing", but then, he doesn't mind it either. They were married in December of 2006 in Manhattan, where they live, in the campus chapel.

With a love of rock music and goth pants, some people think she's a bit odd--which she gladly admits to, seems, in fact, proud of. However, she doesn't even touch the stereotypical "emo" or "goth" mindsets of such seeming culture influences. Even in all black, she is bubbly, friendly, and laughs easily.

For those that know them, Silver is close to (and spends as much time as she can with) Kaxeno, Auren and Baka Sukonku, and is always more than willing to meet new friends.

As a fun little bit, she will be attending AnthroCon 2008 (her first) with Satoshi and some of his friends. She's looking forward to it with horrible impatience, nearly as impatiently as for the Halo 3 game.

In Character[edit]

Silver Azhuretail (the character) matches up to her user quite nicely--they're inseparable. In character, she remains five feet tall, and slightly chubby. Her hair, however, is a nice, vibrant purple, instead of her real life counterpart's reddish shade. Her name comes from her tail, the tip of which has acquired a tealish-blue colored tip, instead of the normal white of most foxes. Also, her eyes are a nice purple as well, matching in an off-shade way to her hair.

Silver in character also enjoys music and goth-styled clothing, keeping her same temperament even in her online persona.

She also has a sort of "sister" fursona, a rather nerdy goth mouse. Between the two of them you get a perfect idea of the user, as the two of them each have individual facets that the other might not show of the actual user.

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