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Tips on Handwashing[edit]

Wet your hands before applying liquid soap.

If you have wet hands (even just a little), the water mixes with the soap and coats your skin much more easily, meaning you will need less soap. I've seen people who use eight to ten pumps of soap from the dispenser, because they wet their hands after soaping up. Meanwhile, I'm happy with one pump, or sometimes less. The job still gets done and about the same amount of water gets spent, you just waste less soap. Note: "Washless" hand sanitizers don't need added water. However, most also don't remove dirt; they just kill bacteria.

Rub the backs of your hands under the blow-dryer.

If you've ever used an automatic hand dryer, the kind that blows warm air when used, then I'm sure you've noticed that the pictographs on its instruction label seem to show two hands rubbing palms together. And if you've just rubbed your hands like that, you're guaranteed to walk away with wet hands. Instead, try rubbing the palm of one hand up along the back of the other, alternating, holding your hands continuously in the air stream. Because opposite sides of your hands are spreading the water out, every side dries faster. Don't forget to slide your fingers between each other a few times to spread out the water there and dry them faster, too. When the dryer stops, the water won't be completely gone, but just wait about thirty to forty seconds and you should be fine.

Keep your body clean, too.

I've noticed that when someone's body is dirty, then dirt tends to accumulate under their fingernails. Regular handwashing can help this some, but bathing at least once a day helps more.

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