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(Most of this text is copied and adapted from my comments at

I think the best response to a WikiFur attack is first to avoid panic.

For non-administrators:

  • If vandalizing edits are coming in fast, look for external contact information for a likely admin (outside the wiki, at least), and try getting hold of them, because only admins can block users here. General contacts or shout-outs are also good. This is why I posted in the LJ community - to get the attention of an outside source of friendly editors, in case the flow became a bigger flood than I (and the other two or three folks) could handle.
  • Multiple windows or tabs are a good idea. Go back as far as you feel is okay in the Recent changes page, and patiently review and revert by dragging the "diff" link into the other pane. This way, you don't have to keep worrying about who's got what going on before you get there; just refresh the changes page when you're ready.
  • Some people get confused if they don't recognise your account name or IP, especially if you haven't put anything in your User: page (meaning you're "redlinked"). Be patient if you're blocked by mistake, and keep that extra communication route handy to let the admins know it was a mistake. In a big flood, we may be temporarily overwhelmed with information, so it may take a little bit to get back to you.

As an admin, when I'm dealing with a flow of vandalism, I keep several pages handy: Recent changes, Blocked users, and whatever's being reverted at the moment. From the blocked user page, I can then check on that user or IP's contributions, and revert any of them at my leisure (meaning that user contributions is a fourth page open). Further checking on blocked users can be done once the tide is stemmed (via non-wiki tools like traceroute and whois).

Whose lead to follow:

Follow the lead of the administrators.

Whose trail to follow:

Follow the trail of the vandals. There are tools available for this, such as the "User contributions" and "Recent changes" pages.

I'll close with a good quote: "There's no need to go hunting. He'll come to us; they always do. All we have to do is be ready."

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