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been a fur since 1996, first fursona was a red-orange Bengal tiger by the name of Dayhawk WindStalker. then in 1999 my fursona changed to my totem, Canis Lupus Communius. or more properly named Russian White Wolf. which goes by the name of Shadow Naito Okamikun.

started off like most furs addicted to the art of the fandom. later, instead of an addiction it became a lifestyle. living out the life of shadow on a day to day basis, unless the enviornment is unsuited for such drastic behavior.

in April of 2007 he moved in with, boyfriend, RexFenris and, roommates, Chip Twili Wolf and EliteTrick Foxx, in Anaheim California. Rex and Shadow have been together since January of 07 and still going strong.

he can be followed as a writer and cook on his furaffinity page: Shadow's FA

and his LiveJournal can be found at Shadow's LJ