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Pronunciation Key- Seregei - Ser-a-gay; n, der: Serge, Sergio, Serengeti. def:
Gothugged lion seregei.jpg

A lion with a small amount of mane growing steadily into a ponytail, usually tied down or braided. Also included is a small tufted beard including glasses. Stand at the most, 5'9', pretty short for lion and IRL (In Real Life), which makes this creature more like a living plushie. The body is a tint of gold-ish yellow to light brown color. Usually seen wearing baggy and comfortable clothing, dress shirt with a black striped or black tie. If preferred with no to little clothing, is seen with only a tie of any color.

Its common habitat is that of Northern Arizona, and is now learning the second degree of education from a College. Providing endless amusements and seemingly endless cookies, this creature is one that is easily amused with funny comments or art work. It always has a friendly nature to it, as if it enjoys having company and something to keep him amused or entertained.