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Feral.png This user has attended
Camp Feral!.
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Midwest FurFest.

SecondLifeHand.png This user has a Second Life account. Their name is Scani Forte.
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recent changes.

Contact Info[edit]

E-mail: scani -at- forterosso -dot- com

(Recently expunged my IM addresses from here, and they're no longer up to date anyway. If you'd like to converse with me, just ask on my talk page.)

WikiFur focus[edit]

  • Information of interest in the Canadian furry community;, Feral!, and so forth.
  • General RC patrolling and killing vandalism (including the occasional main page disruption).

On a side note, I am also part of WikiProject Furry on Wikipedia.

Old rant on personal articles (formerly my "anti-vanity" policy). I admit, I broke my own rule.

Page last updated October 5, 2011

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