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Hi I am Victor Redtail aka Sawblade5. I am a occasional contributor to WikiFur mainly to clean up or to update information on items. I do help out here with the #wikifur-edits channel on Freenode with my bot posting the IP and flag edits that are possibly vandalism. (So please join that room when going on Freenode to keep track of those edits) I am a real bird lover with mainly birds of prey or Raptors and would consider myself to be Avian mainly Raptorian. (What I call my specific grouping to be and the name I came up with with Raptor meaning Birds of Prey and not the Dinosaur name which some furies here have for their fursona) My main fursona is a Hawk.

I got into this when I realized that I am not the only one that likes these things. I even wanted a fursuit of my fursona even before I knew about this. I do not yet own any real fursuits unless you count my Gorilla Costume as one (and does not even look like a very good one and nowhere close to matching my fursona), I also own a simple Fleece Eagle costume that comes pretty close to matching my fursona (I wore this one to work on Halloween 2008). I hope to be able to make my own fursuit or even have one ordered if I know of artists that can make a good looking Hawk as I think they're neat and sometimes really cute. I have since got Fursuits of my main Red-Tailed Hawk Character Victor Redtail and a alt Fursona Isaiah Eagle.

Since I don't know much about furry fandom you probably wont see me making as many edits here as in the other wiki's that I post to including Uncyclopedia and Wikipedia.

My Uncyclopedia Userpage: I spend some of my time there.

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