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Name: Sarus Hydro Dragon- Sarus Treeleaf Wolf- Johnathan Daniel Berringer

Age: Human-14, Wolf-98, Dragon- 765

Birthdate: October 1, 1991

Spiritually: All my life I've felt a strong spiritual connection to the wolf. Even as an infant. I would draw pictures of wolves and fantasize about being one, as if the wolf was somehow part of me. There just seemed to be something sacred about the wolf, which I couldn't quite understand. I began drawing anthropomorphic art long before I even knew that there was an actual genre based upon it. For some reason, as I was drawing these images, I found that there was something very personal about them, and found that I didn't want to show these images to anyone else, because of how intensely personal they seemed to me. This all changed once I found the furry community and deviantART realized that there were so many other people who appreciated that type of artwork, and who felt the same about themselves. Nowadays, most of my artwork is either done for fun, but I still feel that my work is inspired by that spiritual connection, even if the artwork itself isn’t meant to be a statement about spirituality. One day I want to go to the Anthrocon and meet people I always wanted to meet.

Personality: I'm calm most of the time, but don't get me wrong when I get pissed I get pissed. I'm a free-spirit. I love the outdoors and nature and I hate it when people intend to kill animals and nature for pleasure and/ or sport. In my eyes I think that humans are ruining most of nature and they need to stop. Humans are over populating Earth and soon they are going to be sorry. I'm a furry and damn proud of it!

How Do I Feel About Artistic Nudity: I often get asked how do I feel about artistic nudity. I suppose that the simplest answer is that I enjoy creating that type of artwork. I feel that nudity shows off the natural beauty of the character, and the act of which I enjoy representing through my artwork. It's a part of nature.

Social Life: I have a lot of friends and they all love me. I try to hang out as much as possible, but since I have a lot of friends it's hard to do so.

Who I'd like to meet: Trent Reznor, Ruth Thompson, Jessica Peffer, Joey Jordison, Mick Thompson, Cassandra Gunn, Peter Gabriel, Christabelle Mayhorn, Shinerai, Wolfess-fuzzpot, Senus, QueenKichaa, meeko-okeem, lemming-exodus, Snowdrift-69, blackKittie1031, huskie666, WolfPearl, and all the people I'm watching or people I know about that I won't tell you.

How Do I Feel About Homosexuals and Bi's ect...: They are people too. I'm tired or people discriminating and hating them so much. Personally, I think they are awesome and some of the coolest people around. If it makes them happy, I'm happy too. No one deserves to be an outcast. Most of my friends think they are awesome, or is one. I don't know what my sexuality is, but I would be happy with any choice I make. So for I think I'm straight, but none the less I still need to decide. I support any marriage. Marriage is about love, not discrimination. I support gay marriage.

Element of Choice: Water

Accessories I Wear: Usually a dragon orb necklace, skeleton arm middle finger ring (you must flip off people in style), A Hot Topic belt with three rows of black spikes, and last but not least (to show my furry side) a black wolf tail with a white spot at the end point.

Favorite Uniform: Pants- My TRIPP pants that have blue stitching. Shirt- My black furry shirt with a wolf, a bob cat, a bear, an eagle, and a deer. Hat- My black Pink Floyd beanie (The Darkside of the Moon). Socks- Black. Shoes- My black Vans.

Likes: Art (duh...), Dragons, Anthropomorhic Animals, Gryphons, Pheonixes, Gargoyles, Wolves, Nature, Water, Fire, The Night, Sleeping, Hot Topic, Dragon Decors, Swords, Staffs, Numchukes, Shields, Dance Dance Revolution, Dungeons and Dragons (cause I'm a geek with no life ^_^), Taco Bell, My family and friends, The Furnation, Anime, Goths, Emos, Punks, Homosexuals, Bisexuals, Germans, Scottsmen, Irishmen, Jamacians, Eating, Lifting, Speaking with my open mind, My imagination, Green, Blue, Purple, Black.

Dislikes: Preps, Posers, My internet service not working, My scanner, Homophobes, Furaphobes, Roller Coasters, Waking up for school, Hunters, Discriminaters, Suicide, Murder, People who disrespect me and my furry side.