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This is the user page for Spike the Dog, the former mascot of the (Lynn) Massachusetts Mad Dogs, and an unofficial and uninvited mascot for various defunct teams including--

  • The Concord (NH) Quarry Dogs (NECBL college-summer baseball)
  • The Nashua (NH) Pride (Atlantic/Can-Am semi-pro baseball)
  • The Manchester (NH) Millrats (PBL semi-pro basketball)

He was once invited, and put on the marquee along with an Elvis impersonator, by the Sanford Mainers of the NECBL--but has been thrown out of his birthplace in Lynn by two separate club presidents, and grudgingly allowed in by a third.

For more details and photos, click on the link above.

(There is even more, including annual reports, currently hosted for me by a friend on a baseball-themed web site, which I am contemplating gradually moving here.)

Am I a furry? Yes, in the sense that I have imbued this Dog with a character, and would not loan it out and let it have experiences apart from me. No, in the sense that I don't go to conventions, look for Furry Sex, or seek to give the Dog a life that is any larger than that which is of service to my local team.

I'll check in from time to time and answer correspondence on the talk page.

See the article about Spike the Dog. WikiFur User