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Greeting im Rune cyber or also know as Lucas cyber my other sona . I live in the state of Florida love it here hate snow. I have been in the furry fandom for about I dont know the years.I can say im still learning things about the fandom. i haven't be to a fur con or anything yet.You can find me on

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If u wanna chat just send me a note or something this page will get more info as I get things I can put on here.

The back ground of Rune

Rune and Lucas Cyber are two of the highest ranking members in the Cyber defense Industrious C.D.I for short. The civilization they come from was created by another long passed ancient civilization. They never really questioned where they came from or how they came to be all they know is they where programmed to be a civilized race while quickly coming to full dominance in the galaxy policing systems and keeping order this is where C.D.I came from rising to power a few decades later. C.D.I'S goals where to unify there home world and research and defense with all the resources of C.D.I hard at work it was only time when the goals where achieved and they set site for the stars. Now more on the species its self now they look like your average type of animals and species but the one thing that sets them apart is the unique color fur lines kinda looking like circuit board now everything on the planet is powered but the energy they produce with their bodies. They can also use this energy they make to generate a shield around them self's they can also make energy swords and a pistol like weapon.

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