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Roden is a furry who lives in South Dakota, USA with his four other brothers. (One of which hates furries.) He is a furry artist, a writer, youtuber, and a fursuit maker in the making. He joined the furry fandom in early 2015.


his fursona is a dark red, charcoal grey, and white, Red Panda. (Pictures will be put in later.) Alt. fursona Kurevar a Granthor, (Species made just need to make story for it.)


Roden wants to get a degree in interior design, and the culinary arts. After finishing college he wants to get a house in Seattle WA.


Roden knew about furries for about 7 years, but never really delved very far in. (Screw you media.) Roden's first encounter with furries was the video game Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus.