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Rhudi finally decided to make his own WikiFur page after seeing SpazKitty's WikiFur page.

He found her page through her profile.

Within minutes, SpazKitty noticed this page and helped in it's creation. And, not long after that Banrai helped him fix a couple of problems, then KendricksRedtail showed him a few WikiTricks.

See the article about Rhudi. WikiFur User

Furcode (decode): FFDhwm3amrw A-- C++ D+ H+ M+ P R+++ T+++ W Z+ Sm++ RLCT a++ clmn++++ d++ e+ f- h+++ iwf+ j p+ sm++

  • Given Name: (Just call me Rhudi)
  • Species: Russian Blue WereCat
  • Gender: Male
  • Marital Status: Married to a Muggle (*sigh*).
  • Location: Greenville, SC
  • Occupation: Network Admin PC Support, Windows-capable Computer Geek.

Where can you find him?

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They're a Carolina Fur!
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Mephit Furmeet.
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You almost wouldn't have been able to find him anymore. On Dec 18th, 2008, Rhudi had a Dural AV Fistula blow out in his cerebellum. After surviving that and subsequent brain surgery, he is recovering. He is glad to be still alive. He is also happy to share his experience and invites you to follow the external link below to information on what a DAVF is.

Rhudi has made an annual trip to MFM, since MFM 2 in 1998. Since at least MFM 5 in 2001, being a member of CarolinaFurs, he has hosted a Midnight Caravan[1] from Asheville to Memphis and a Room Share at the meet. The Room Share[2] has been for the benefit of those furs who need the advantage of both a safe and an affordable place to crash during the meet.
During MFM X, Kasan helped with organising the Room Share and even created the first annual CarolinaFurs MFM Room Party.

In 2007, other arrangements will need to be made for MFM XI, as Rhudi will have moved. But, the Room Share will still go on.

2007 went well.

2008, not so well. Complete lack of interest from the CarolinaFurs almost killed the Room Share. However, Rhudi made a mistake following a stoopid GPS back from Memphis to Greenville, SC and got the happy chance to visit the Hunstville Space Center after having only been there once before (nearly 40 years before). This would be a great place to mention Rocket City FurMeet (tho Rhudi will most likely never get to go there).

2009 went well.

2010 was an awesome experience at a new hotel.

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  1. The Caravan was a geographic convenience, as Asheville is on I-40; the corridor to Memphis through Tennessee.
  2. The Room Share started on it's own, then evolved to be mostly for CarolinaFurs. However, any are welcome as long as there is room.
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