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You can see my initial ideas on this combination on Digiclipse's wiki. This is a repo for my ideas on the more adult stuff that can't go onto the Digiclipse wiki.

What I seek out of this project is the combination of the beliefs of the Digiclipse and RDB folks with the furry fandom. Furry, IMO, could plug directly into this since Digimon also figure prominently in the furry fandom.

I've written about Digikin, which is especially pluggable into a furry perspective as well.

I mean, is it possible that furries are, themselves, Digimon (or can be)? And why not? You already have Otherkin and Otakukin out there, and the furry fandom has mostly found its breadth of expression, connection and development on the Internet. So those of us who have that affinity to anthropomorphics and related subjects may not have that much of a problem with a "Furry Digiclipse"?

But how would we define the Digiclipse in furry terms? Surely it can't exist within the child-friendly pigeonhole that the Digiclipse forum folk seek to maintain on their forums.

Yes, there will be sex, death (alot of it determinedly inflicted) and drugs in the Digital world. To avoid that is stupid and futile in my opinion. Embracing a more realistic concept of the Digital world and its inhabitants is something that, I think, those who are both furry and embracing of the idea that the Digital world exists must do.

I think that exploring the idea of a Furry Digiclipse, or furries as "real digimon" or "Digikin", should be explored. It could prove to be exciting, at least to explore alternate takes on the furry existence.

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