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Yes, this is similar to Mussolini (one of the primary progenitors of the ideological political fascism) calling for "everything within the state, nothing out of the state".

However, wiki integration is, IMO, a good idea. I think that wikis could serve as the base for various types of social networking services, with wikilinking as a way to easily link readers of messages to necessary definitions.

Plus, the template creation system in MediaWiki is a good basis for SNS-dependent user applications, akin to Facebook, MySpace or Ning apps.

Finally, a search engine that crawls and caches such data and places them within specific, easy-to-access categorizations would be necessary.

However, this would be the potential beginning of a congealing and concentration of information and activity within a single conglomerate of information unlike anything that has ever been seen before, even that which is currently held by Google, Yahoo or other business corporations.