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There are other images that aren't tagged; why aren't you saying anything about them?

I plan to tag all images on WikiFur. I'll get to it eventually. I'm just bringing up a handful at a time to avoid being overwhelming.

You tagged my image wrong.

I can't read the uploader's mind, so I try to make the least amount of assumptions possible about the uploader's intent.
If you own the copyright, and you've intended to distribute the image more freely than what I've tagged it as, correct me and tag it as you like.

It's obviously an image that I uploaded that I created myself. So why ask me to tag it?

It sets a bad example to leave untagged images. It makes real copyright violations harder to spot. And if you're uploading your own art, you're the only one who know under what licensing it's being made available.

Are you a lawyer or the administrator of this site or something?

I'm not a lawyer. I am one of the administrators of this site, but I still have to answer to others who are above me.

You deleted an image of mine. It was my only copy!

Administrators can undelete images; ask one of them to restore it for you.